Friday, April 13, 2012

continuous betrayal

It looks like a decade to me. Well right now I was about to pooh a little may be it’s because of the onion paranthas (bread) and at the same time I got this word of thought in my mind.
Well I am stupid I know but what others think of me really matters to me at some point, especially when I consider going out on a date. Unluckily I was not so much socially accepted as I feel I am quite boring and out of the topic.
Running in my youngest years, I don’t talk young or feel young or act young. I do all mature stuff like talking about morals, sleeping early, no bad habits; it’s like a combination of good things. I have always been taught to follow the good and right stuff whatever comes in the way, I should choose the path of honesty and I did that but today I feel so dumb. Even the younger generation can defeat me .I feel I am like a clown who is trying his best to please the crowd with some essence of loyalty and getting some pennies and some kicks in return.

Undoubtedly honesty is a deep buried fossil which is still uncensored. People are licking the ice-cream of dishonesty and this ice cream which is made with the cream of lie is always tempting and sweet for them. Well success and failure go hand in hand as today’s everything is running in anti clock wise direction , people who are choosing honesty are into the shelter of failure and ignorance and the backstabbers who enjoy the dishonesty are getting the best price of there services.
The ratio is shocking, as we cannot predict who is honest and who is fake. Everyone speak 99% lie and 10% truth in there lifestyle. Well it’s not a habit; it’s an addiction strictly turning as a passion and such a terrible need that it will kill our inner morals and innocence.

Frankly speaking, this world is not a world now, it’s a combination of humans of different communities who live for there survival. Some kill for there survival and some protect for there existence. There is always a good guy against a bad guy and we always do all the type of stuff to remain connected to our wants.

I have been coned many times and I know the culprits never realize that how does it feels to be betrayed. Well maybe because they are never betrayed. But this continuous betrayal kills me so badly from inside.

I cannot trust anyone, not even my friends, not my family and sometimes not me. Well things force human minds to do what is not right in the book of morals but they make there own rules and it works for them.

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