Sunday, March 18, 2012

why should fake have all the fun?

Why should fake have all the fun?

This urban world is so diverse and tempting. We certainly have amazing options to choose. Unlimited alternatives and choices raise our equilibrium level making us super human. This category is not gifted, you earn it. Well some are born with it. We try our best to get our self noticed in this imperfect world as the sheets of glamour and money always fascinate us. Well another non ignorable fact is that whatever aim or goal we have or whatever life style we cherish, we all have one unique need. Yes the body need often called as lust and casual sex.

Well sex is sex , it gives fun. Sex never looks out for any birth certificate or status. I don’t know about some but maximum majority cannot live without sex as it’s the second need which comes after food. This development and urbanization has given us the fast sex like fast food. We catch a bimbo slut or an okay looking girl right the corner of the bar just to get our load of cream out. Well some are very choosy, they behave like a total spoil brats although they are worse than any gutter bug but attitude is attitude, you cannot force people to avoid arrogance.

Once a guy likes a hot chick and if he wants to sleep with her, he will try his best to impress her.

“ I love you, you are my life, I don’t want to lose you, and can we be friends? “

All this crap is used and it works as girls use there heart as thinking box but guys have a set mind which works on the command of there brains. Well I want to thank the person who invented internet and networking, well we all should thank him as because of him only we are able to get connected to the millions of girls in one click. Well I am not discussing technology here it was just a reminder to the lazy fags that besides sex we also have lot more things to worry about.

Some desperate sex machines (guys) are so crazy that they take support of there friends pictures and celebrities to impress the girl, sounds so immature to me. The thing is the first look is always visual, when you are showing up something else then how you can expect acceptance of yourself. Girls love honesty but guys hate honesty and that’s the reason why some dickheads gets the hottest girl and some muscled bodies wait and watch.

Loyalty and respect are two main things which are essential in any relationship but mind it. Not every girl will be ready to become your sex buddy as girls worship there body as temple and only genuine and honest person is allowed to step in. The biggest misconception good looking guys carry is that every girl will sleep with them and the biggest misconception girls carry is that the hot guy is sweet by nature. Beautiful face and hot body does not guaranty beautiful heart and honesty.

This world is dangerous, it looks happening but it is worse than any world war as people are just ready to trap you and take advantage of you. You never know who is at your side and who is not. Sweet words and sexy face cannot guaranty anything; it’s our alertness and our conscious which helps.

Girls are like angels, they are sweet and caring but hopeless guys ruin them by the hammer of there lust. Trusting someone easily is always disastrous and especially those who try to act like honey.

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