Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Social suicide

Life teaches us so many things in the good or the bad way. Sometimes we learn so fast and sometimes we do not learn even after doing billions of mistakes. From the start our life gives us tons of lessons on everyday level.

We make friends, we share thoughts and experiences and we build our own stories and experiences. No matter from which background we come, we all have same desires. We all seek opportunities and we all look out for our fantasy. Besides this we present and exhibit our self in the society as object which is to be worshipped. We exaggerate our works, we want to hear good things about us, and we want people in our lives. Yes! We want social acceptance and this hunger for social acceptance is self made by our thinking box. We live in a society and to work properly and smoothly we need social gatherings and social support. Our leisure and pleasure is also dependent on this. But who decides our destiny? We live in a society surrounded by people, strangers, friends and relatives. Eventually we see that we are labeled as something or the other, based on our behavior and personality we get some labels and we accept them but sometimes miss signals and misbehavior also hampers our image and give us the label we always hated and criticized.

Criticized by the kings of society and by the people of society is a normal thing for those who do annoying jobs which not only affects there family image but also work as a black spot for the society.

But who is society?

Why society defines itself as the supreme power?

Why society decisions of acceptance and rejection matters so much?

Well we humans have made different rituals and customs , we have made some laws and rules which guide the human majority on the right path giving us a goal and discipline and when anybody go against these things , they are punished by the society. E.g. A girl falling in love with a guy of her own caste is treated as her brother and this is a sin in Indian society, in villages this is a social suicide, urban community might accept this fact but a big No No for the rural community.

But we always say that we are right. Sometimes there are situations when we consider our choices as the first and the last choices, we do not see the perspective of our society, and we see our self only. When we face the phase where whole world is against us, we always criticize our existence, we blame people, we blame our parents and we are just we. There is no point when we will consider the society’s point of view and the result is disastrous. We face tremendous difficulties and there is no happy ending then. But why we do not consider the societies point of view? Why we only? Why everyone looks like an enemy to us? Well I am not a society’s supporter but positive and negative are the two sides of coins which posses there own independence.

There are situations when we are right and society is wrong, well situations like homosexuality, where every one knows that it’s by birth, its not there choice, they are born with it but our traditions and rituals do not support the freedom. We still live in the old customs, we wear branded clothes but we think like an illiterate person as our legal mindset does not support this development. The society and its people work as a judge with supreme power and when any individual stand against this society for his survival, he gets nothing but the social suicide.

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