Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't get yourself used for others as you will get what you give. ( must read)

I don’t know till how much time I have to handle and tolerate my current issues. My hope is still alive and I still dream about the good days. Yeah days and nights which can make me feel good about life.

There are so many instances in my life which I still recall and use to sharp my memory about my survival in the real world but tempting baits and laziness hampers my vision of reality. There are so many people who make me realize that how important it’s to be serious but I don’t know. It seems like I enjoy putting myself in trouble.

I get so many opportunities and I leave them knowingly, sometimes due to my blockishness or may be I am born with it. Sometimes I do wrong stuff knowingly and guess what I enjoy it. My mind works so fast in complicated situations that sometimes I salute the bloody organ. Well why we humans do wrong stuff intentionally? Are we under any kind of pressure? Is someone bothering us? Are we scared of anyone? For whom we do all that bad jobs which are called as sins which lead to hell.

Hell yeah we do it for our family , for our brothers and sisters and friends and lovers but the interesting fact is that at the end we are the only one who face the terrible consequences as we are the one who was in action and we get equal and opposite reaction.

The breath taking situation is that at the time when we get caught, we face the punishment but why our family, our friends, our siblings, our lovers don’t get any punishment for using us. It’s because of the Karma. The person who is doing a particular karma (Job) will face the result no matter its good or bad. It’s a non denying fact that bad karma gives bad output and good karma gives good results and no karma also gives some output as no karma is also karma.

But we humans still don’t get a clear vision. We have our own rights and we have the power to choose our own karma. We cannot change and control others point of view and others activities and actions but we can change or control our actions or karma.

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