Saturday, January 7, 2012

suffocating coz i miss my dream

This world is a big world, opening millions of opportunities and setbacks for us. From the childhood to puberty we learn so many things. Things which will make us confident, independent and rich. Every child is a special child for every parent and usually every child is pampered by there parents. No matter how rich or poor our parents are, we get amazing childhood which is always memorable and catchy. We often miss our childhood no matter how it was. As a child my journey was easy. I still remember my daily routines. It was a treat. Going to school , carrying delicious lunch , coming home , finishing homework and going for playing with friends , nothing was serious but as I have reached the stage where I and society call me as an adult , I see myself surrounded by millions of questions and expectations and responsibilities. I know it’s my task and I have to do it but sometimes things go easily out of hands giving a state where I feel that I am left with nothing. This world is dangerous and you cannot trust anyone. We never know when we will be fucked by our well-wishers in the best possible position. We often fulfill our dreams and put them in priority and once we see a dream, we consider it as the most important factor of our life and usually parents support our dreams but some are unlucky and they get nothing except hope that there dreams might come true. Money, knowledge, help, interest play a vital role in fulfilling our dreams. Man these dreams are deadly as they force us to cross our limits. No doubt if we achieve our dream, we will be the happiest person and if we do not achieve them, we lose our self completely. Well let’s consider the ugliest side. You have not achieved your dream and you will never achieve it and you know that, now tell me how does it feel? I know it feels weird and pathetic, it’s a state where you feel suffocated in another job and your whole life is a complete mess when you actually know that you cannot mould your future according to your needs and wants. Sometimes we also know the reason behind this failure and most common reasons are family and there thinking point of view which does not support your point of view. Things become more difficult when our loved ones stand against us and when we have to choose one thing , either our family or our dream , we get our self emotionally trapped in the family scenario and family always win. Dreams are dreams, they can be the biggest and the smallest, lucky are those who get the essence, they enjoy there minute creativity with the perfection of there dream picture and losers like me stare at the shining stars as I know that my dream is always a dream.

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