Saturday, January 14, 2012

humans lie on the dead body of another human

Yes! I am perfect. Undoubtedly I am right and good. I am genuine, I am smart, and I can get anyone. We always consider our self as the Perfect hero of our journey and of someone else’s journey. Nobody has the courage to admit there mistakes openly. In this social world where money and sex are the most powerful dominant features, we often show our self as the best men when it comes to showing of our status and money or showing of our body and our potential of fulfilling the physical and sexual needs of the opposite sex. This showbiz is self made and creates a feeling of competition among other competitors who are running for the same battle. Well frankly speaking, no body exactly knows the reason behind our existence as human being on this earth. If we see from the bigger point of view everybody has the same goals and ambitions. The most common are money, secondary it is followed by sex and fame comes in the third category. Well we don’t know weather our actions are good or bad, we never consider our sin as sin and we always utilize our time in publicizing our few good actions. This effort to show our self as the perfect and most different human being is common among all humans. We all are the sailors; we all travel under same ship. But what’s the difference? Why we have different explanations and answers to our problems. Why we choose different options? Some make good choices even in bad conditions and some make bad choices even in good conditions. No matter we humans are blessed with sharp mind, we utilize it for the worst and for the best. We often make twisting choices in complex situations which can harm others in the worst possible way but we never worry and care for others loss as our self interest is the evidence of our temporary gain. Well we humans believe in winning small battles by publishing our ego, our anger and status creating a feeling of superiority. These small victories provide satisfaction to the cheap souls of humans who weight people according to there usage but not through there values. Sadly we all are culprits, blaming others for every single bad thing. This journey as a human will be utilized in these childish games where humans will be used as objects, we will never win the big battle and that is wining of the hearts but we will surely win the small battles that are small favors and materialistic things which lie on the dead body of another human being.

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