Saturday, December 24, 2011


Prostitutes, sluts and pimps

Well undoubtedly sex is the most beautiful and exciting recreational activity and no matter how many times we do it, we still want it, more and more. It’s completely normal and good if you like sex. Luckily we people are smart enough to do great business because of sex. Well sex gives bread to prostitutes and sluts and pimps off course. Well they give us pleasure which is certainly better than any normal person. Although they charge for there services but it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. Well its there business which feeds them then why we are against them? Well frankly speaking no one is against them and specially men who waste half of there salary on these sluts but still these men stand against prostitutes in the crowd. Such a poor thing, this society compels them to hate there best treat. 90% men are not at all satisfied with there own wife’s as they easily get bored with everyday meal and hence they look out for some new meat but this liking and standing against drama is too disturbing for the people who are in the profession of prostitution. Well there life surrounds only after sex. People only see them as sex objects; I guess people are right they are sex objects as they sell there body for money but what to do? Should we stop the prostitution? Or should we stop the people who go to brothels? Well no one can be stopped. This world has variations and diversity and every one has right to live in the society. The government can not give employment to prostitutes and the men can not get satisfied by one woman. This cat and dog fight will remain forever with the twist of drama. People will raise voice for sometime and then everybody will shut up as its not just sex, it’s the whole world in it.

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