Friday, December 30, 2011

i use her for sex

I was getting irritated to this buffering thing. I was trying to load a stupid porn video but its taking time as usual so thought to write something for you. I know that you are awesome. From your lips to your butt, I adore you completely and passionately. Well it may be called as a confession but I seriously need you as my lust gets fostered by you only. I tried to make out with other girls too but the fun is with you only. I can even fall in love now as you are a good sucker and I am an undoubtedly good fucker, ha-ha. It seems like poetry now. I know I can get many as sex is cheaper than humans but sex is sex, it may not give me ultimate satisfaction from the bottom of my cock.

I know what you are feeling right now. Well some say we didn’t expected you to be such a desperate jerk and some say that you are so annoyingly hungry but still we read you , some say that you are too brave and frank and some advice me to be diplomatic instead of being a maniac. Well all those lines you read above are my inner thoughts and that’s why I like my girlfriend. Well yes I believe that I use her for sex and she does the same to me. May be we are fuck buddies but I don’t know why I need someone to be my side when I go home.

Well sex can be carried on for half an hour or more than that but you cannot have sex whole day but there is this nice feeling when you see your fuck buddy around. Like watching her taking bath or watching her eating when all the cheese gets melted on her lips and you feel hungry too and going out with her , blah. Well socially that’s a girlfriend/boyfriend thing but that creates boundaries and limitations as you cannot have sex with other chicks around but why I have this mixed feeling? Sometimes I need a wife who can be a good cook and a good slut at a time and sometimes I need a girlfriend who knows her value and boundaries. Damn I have crossed my teen age and it still feels weird and outdated as I don’t have a good sex life. Huh lets wish for the good.

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