Friday, December 23, 2011

do you define your family members as strangers ?

Hey everyone, you must be wondering that why I was absent. Well, I was going through a very demanding phase but now things might settle a little. Anyway let’s not bore you with everyday stuff. I was actually concerned about us. Yes I guess you and me are also us as we mutually share each other views and advices. Like whenever you want something other then my everyday blog, you mail me or call me. In the same manner it’s really important to convince others like strangers for the right thing. You might be wondering again that pulkit has gone mad as who cares for a stranger? Why we will advice a stranger for his own good? What’s our interest? Well these questions are quite common which revolve around our thinking box and we choose a more comfortable position where we have only one solution and that is NO. Well this reflects the ugliest side of human nature. I guess we humans are worse than animals as animals like wild dogs catch there pray in unity and share it with everyone but we lazy humans only consume our own people just for our own interest. The concept of nuclear family is ruining the unity of our country as the man of the house only take cares of his wife and his kids and he shows total ignorance to the other family members. This nuclear family concept looks nice but at the end it only gives loneliness and this concept is the biggest enemy of unity. Lack of unity among family members give reason and a golden chance to outside strangers to attack on you as you have kicked your own family members out as you consider them as strangers. Well you are not at fault, the urbanization and upbringing of today’s era revolves around self interests only. We utilize our whole life in blaming and backstabbing just with the excuse of self protection and self help. Well we exhibit the picture of total selfishness to our generation and to our family by our actions which are certainly not ordinary. We love our self and that’s why we do everything bad to foster our self in the best manner. Humans are the most clever and self explanatory creatures , we are designed to love our self more than anything in the world and that’s why we do not hesitate in killing others life. But what about those who are so selfless? Ha-ha what a joke? Nobody is selfless, everyone eats bread and we all are smart enough to get the secret of bread making. well time is coming when this nuclear family concept will fade away as human will only think of himself , wife’s and kids may go to hell and you can clearly see its introduction as young teens show there immense talents which are the reflection of selfishness. So be ready for the damage as you will end up being a stranger to your own self.

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