Saturday, November 12, 2011

whats cooking ?

I don’t know why human nature is so complicated. Besides having so much openness and visibility we humans get ourselves attracted towards mystery and history. We like to know what we don’t know in a bad way off course. From neighbor hood gossip to love triangle stories, we want everything and this works well for our entertainment. No matter how much busy we are we prefer having a plate of gossips with tons of red chilies and flames. Bad things are easily approachable and unforgettable and we just love bad picture. Like if your neighbor has donated something for a good cause, you might remember it and soon that thought will fade away but if he has killed anyone than that news will remain with you forever. Actually the thing is we all love DRAMA and some where some how we all are drama kings and queens. We want things to be complicated for us for a while and then we dream about its wonderful unforgettable solutions.

Vanity plays another important part in this game. It’s a non ignorable fact that low class people have high class ego and there ego often gets hurt due to the criticism and unacknowledgement of there guardians and bosses. That violation of there expectations and needs compel them to take drastic and horrible decisions which are nothing less than any shocking revenge. The revenge of ruining the game, luckily this small gossiping works well in that. They gossip about your negative points and trust me gossip is faster than air it travels with its giant unbreakable wings and its aim is the fulfillment of the ear needs.

Well I have faced a lot. It’s hard to get the appreciators but it’s really easy to get the haters. I have faced the phase when my positive points were invisible for people and my negative points were sharp like a big nail. Well this world can become easy and simple if we all concentrate on our work and mind our own business but we are humans and we are never happy with ourselves. We always demand something new and innovative in everyway. From cars to chicks, we always figure out what’s cooking?

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