Saturday, November 5, 2011

fuckers enjoy plenty of liquor , sex and money

I am feeling weird and it seems like I am surrounded by real devils that are worse than any horrible pig. Life is good but the rays and the directions of my life are running in negative direction welcoming the most disgusting creatures who are the burden on this earth. It’s a non ignorable fact that almighty is helping these fucking assholes with the excuse of karma. I am not in a good mood. Well when I see the worst getting the opportunity of living life king size, I feel helpless and naked. I always believed in honesty and respect and I offered these two things to everyone without any partiality and in return I got nothing except tortures and exploitation and harassment. Its not that I didn’t got honesty and respect in return but a very few offered these two things to me. Well I was wrong and my education and studies proved to be wrong. The books are just a joke as whatever they teach is not in this real world. We can only dream about emotions, sentiments, love, honesty, respect in our fantasy world. The biggest and the most powerful people of this country are those who practice corruption. These corrupt inhuman freak animals in the skin of humans win all the time and luckily they do not care about anyone not even god. Well no body is punished by nature, its all book thing and I request the writers to write the real things which are happening in this world. Otherwise there would be millions of dick heads like me fucked by billions of cruel maniacs. Nature what the fuck is nature? People say that nature will grant punishment to the devil but nature is himself scared of these fucking devils. These corrupt people enjoy plenty of liquor , plenty of sex and plenty of money and there life is not less than any king but the hardworking and honest people get slaps in return of there loyalty . Well I am seriously not in a mood to say hi or hello as I am bleeding. My life is a nightmare. People fucked me without any oil and it hurts. Now don’t link it with sex, it’s just a phrase. I mean people exploited me. It’s surprising as things turn so good in the favor of these maniacs and life is so difficult for honest people but we cannot do anything as the 90% are corrupt so it’s obvious that they will dominate the 10% with style.

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