Saturday, October 22, 2011

how can plate of sex become a punishment?

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Well sex is a punishment and a very hard one. I know you might be wondering that why I am considering sex as punishment. As we all are aware of the fact that no body can live without sex, it is a punishment if we are deprived of sex and if some how we become an addict then also it’s a punishment. Besides this sex is a punishment according to many other ways.

When we reach puberty , we feel attracted towards people, we engage our self into beautiful fantasies which we call love. Luckily some achieve the results and get blessed with a partner. This is what we all dream about in our young age to get a partner who will satisfy us emotionally, mentally and physically.

Well not all are lucky; we often get disappointed in this love game. The reason behind our disappointment is our lack of knowledge. Yes! Lack of knowledge about this love game. Well there is no love; it’s just a trailer we show to the opposite sex to get the plate of sex.

Some show an extraordinary trailer and in return they get many plates offering unbelievable sex. But some times we show a normal average trailer and as a result we get a plate by chance and last but not the least some times our trailers are so pathetic that we get nothing except some dirty dishes to wash.

I hope you understand what I mean and if not then let me write it more clearly. Our body is our trailer which we show and exhibit to get sex. After all foreplay is all about this. We kiss, smooch, lick and do loads of stuff to the body and not to the person. So it’s worshiping of body called as body lust, body lust which is not at all bad.

Well I can proudly say that my lust is quiet dramatic and juicy. I want to create juicy situations with my partner, where we end up in a hot sex encounter full of fantasies and fantasies can be like I asked my partner to act like a teacher and me as a student and boom the student gets punishment of not doing work and the punishment is that he has to satisfy the lusty teacher or any sex fantasy between boss and secretary . It can be anything , anything that makes you aroused and horny.

Well we all should plan fantasies like this with our partner, it not only adds drama but it encourages the urge of sex as sex is always good. Well talking about sex , sometimes we don’t get chance to show the trailer as nobody seems interested in us , then at the situations like this people prefer one night stands. Well they are quite cool as you are not bothered about the dirty laundry but they can be risky if the stranger is a shit. Well I had many sex encounters and luckily they were great but some were shocking too.

Well sex is a punishment as we often recall the one night stand and prefer to engage in another sexual encounter with that stranger but that stranger may or may not prefer doing sex with us again. Sex can also be a punishment if our needs get unsatisfied even after giving huge amount to escort. Well sex travels everywhere but its play is different every where according to the choices of people and the situations. Well sex can be a blessing if you get it in huge amount satisfying you from the core of your heart and rest is history. So enjoy your plate of sex.

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