Monday, October 10, 2011


Seriously Not Interested

We interact and communicate to make our relationship stronger. We work so hard to make it work but many times destiny is not with us and we fail in this relationship game but the mind blasting question is that are we really responsible for its failure? No matter how much perfect we are, we have some insecurity which prevents us from being open to the partner. I too had so many insecurities that prevented me in the best possible manner. I regret I had wasted so much money on some fucking dates and I have been a total loser. I always used to set a time and I never showed up, that was the biggest and most awful step I took. It all happened because of my insecurities and complex I had about my looks. I am grateful to god and nature that today I have the fucking guts to admit my mistakes so openly. Today I have created problems for myself because of my wrong choices and my wrong decisions. I have been so pathetic that I cannot explain my life in blog’s. I guess I need a life to explain my life. There have been so many changes and surprisingly each day is different and challenging. I cannot stop myself. I am constantly dating and ditching people and it feels amazing. I have been ditched billion times and rejected million times and I never complained but when I ditched few I was blamed and labeled as the bad boy. I too have attitude and tantrums as I too consider my choices and likes sometimes. Some refuse nicely and some are fucking rude, so what? I cannot do anything in that. Frankly speaking good looks are the only thing and when mixed with money, then it’s a match made in heaven. Well in my dating journey, I have learnt this only that if u flaunt and expose, you win but if u don’t have anything, you are just kicked out of the room. So when money and looks are so important and everyone’s priority then why should I consider someone’s emotion? My emotions where rejected and exported to garbage box and I always complained and cried and this process was repeated like a caterpillar growth cycle. I promised myself that I will never ever date anyone for love but defiantly will date for sex and yeah off course no strings attached.

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