Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting fucked for work

Its obvious to get crazy about those who come on TV and the most common example is film stars and we all get crazy and excited by their one look in real world. Weather it’s a flop star or a famous one, we do not ignore a single chance to have a look. This excitement is unlimited and it’s hard to resist but my million dollar question is that why we get so restless and crazy? 

Why we cannot control our emotions? Why we get so excited? Well it can be because of their popularity or may be because of their beauty but these answers are not satisfactory. Well the thing is we have a legal mindset that those who are in the field of acting are above everyone. I am not against film industry; in fact I too want to work in this field. It’s the popularity and the fame that makes everyone insane. No field can give us so much fame and name and it’s a fact. Today modeling and acting is a dream job of every individual and this can be seen easily on social networking sites. Millions of guys and girls get their photo shoots done and then the whole procedure starts from audition to contacts making to hard work to casting couch etc...

Well half of us don’t even know the meaning of acting. It’s the limelight that motivates us to work in this field. Many guys from big reputed business families ignore their family business and live a life of struggling life in Mumbai as it’s not an easy task to get the role when you don’t have any godfather.

 Basically this film line is corrupt, one has to carry guts to enter and stay unpolluted. No matter how descent you are, you have to surrender. From feminine fashion designers to egoistic producers . The chain is very long , full of lust and desperation. I have many friends who were tough like a stone at the start but today they are soft like clay and they are often used and wasted by the kings of this tempting film industry.

Well sex plays a major role you see. It’s a very good field for a homosexual man as chances of exploitation of men are more than woman. Well compromise and go ahead does not work every time as there are many who will fuck you and then will kick you. There are very few who are lucky to get work after getting fucked. The biggest problem with our generation is that we trust easily. There are billions of fake bastards in this world who are ready to exploit you and ruin you completely, it’s almost impossible to trust anyone. 

Do not trust their sweet voice which is full of compliments and care. No body cares, until and unless they are getting anything in return , they won’t help you out. It’s a give and take thing or you can pray to god that almighty might give you Star parents in your next birth.

This film line is absolutely amazing but with the twist and gift of danger, lust, exploitation and corruption. Well it does not mean that it’s so bad. There are producers who are genuine and there are production houses that prefer work rather than sex but it’s hard to get the real people and if you are luck is working then defiantly sky is the limit.

Well no doubt in one night we feel like we are in heaven. Our life changes so quickly. Even a small face of TV serial gets millions of fans and lovers and a proud moment for parents. I too had millions of dreams but they are just dreams and I don’t bother to make them real. I know I can and I have the potential but I cannot face the phase of rejection and exploitation. I might get selected without any exploitation but I guess I don’t have guts to take the bloody risk. Once we fight with our parents for that one chance, we feel that we will become the star next morning but it looks good in movies only. Common be reasonable now, money is tempting but the path is like hell if your hard work is not acknowledged and your body is acknowledged.

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