Friday, October 14, 2011

can u ignore sex if ur partner is hot ?

Cannot ignore sex

Guys are often cool when it comes to sex. This so called male ego can never feel shame in committing mistakes and sex is certainly not a mistake. Well as a guy I can get any virgin girl for marriage but when it comes to man, girls cannot expect virgin guy. Well exceptions are allowed but frankly speaking it’s hard to get a virgin guy. We guys cannot survive on masturbation and we cannot create fantasy love stories. Men need good time with someone but not special. When it comes to sex, we never look out for special, we just need sex and if we get sex then we are happy. We all have different explanations to this need as no one thinks that it’s bad.

But do you ever feel guilty after having sex? Well as a guy I should say no but somewhere inside I know that I might or may be I am feeling little bit guilty. Why guilty? Again there could be millions of reasons like spirituality, religion, commitment, parents, age, hunger etc...

But why as a human we cannot ignore sex? This question looks so weird. We all say it’s a need and just like other need this is also important in order to survive. But besides being so particular about our needs we forget other peoples needs and we call there need as lust then why we do not judge us in the same category?

Sex is such a beautiful hunger that it creates uncomfortable environment if not performed nicely. As we all know that sex is the best way of communication among different people and animals but still some prevent it. Well it’s been ages and I am deprived of sex. I know I have so many responsibilities and education and they need priority. Sex is a very powerful addiction, once you touch the feeling of love and lust, you cannot ignore it.

Usually sex dominates because it has no demerit. Sex wins all the time as it only gives benefits to us. It depends on us weather we will avail its uses or not. I know I am tired of masturbation and sometimes I masturbate twice and thrice on weekends. Oh my god, I always feel shit when I look at my semen on the floor, I know my semen needs a better accommodation than this but who cares. It’s a stupid urge, I call myself desperate because I am and when it comes to sex, I am just crazy but I control myself as discipline is always mandatory. Well sex looks good when you have a partner who actually loves you but making out with a stranger for that 15 minute lust is always risky and unnatural.

The biggest punishment you can give anyone is depriving them from sex. My ex girlfriend was a witch; she was pathetic as pumpkin and she always used to say no to oral sex. I supported her decision but guys are guys, common oral sex is also a part of sex and no matter how big or small dick you have, oral sex is seriously the best thing in sex. Our relationship was not working as she was too thin and I was a beast. She used to call me a wild teddy as I am big, hairy and dominating like any wild beer but there is no point of remembering her as she was not good in sex. Like I am a mouthful eater I need a mouthful sex and that is pretty much fare because I was looking at her every single need and want. Millions of relationships and marriages end up due to lack of sex. . Sex is the foundation of every couple, if a guy gets rocking sex, he will never complain even if the food is pathetic and even if the girl is fat. So it’s really simple CANT IGNORE SEX…

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