Sunday, September 4, 2011

we humans are the real chameleons

Characteristics of chameleon

I am scared of this reptile. I admit it’s a beautiful reptile with its own quality and characteristics but its poisonous nature is simply intolerable and the best quality and advantage of using different hues in order to survive. Simply amazing!

But I am not writing any thesis on this reptile. I am just reminding you of yourself. Yes it’s amazing and the most intellectual thing is that this quality and this trait can be seen in humans. It’s an old say: Changing colors like chameleon. We all do that. We all look innocent but we are not. From the end we all are same but our reasons are different. Some accept and use this trait to defend themselves, some use it like a daily routine, some are addicted to it and some use this as the weapon of revenge.

Well whatever the reason is we all are jumbled and self centered. Besides having billions of clear thoughts we pretend to be confused. The results are all dependent on us and it’s always from both the sides. If we are throwing stones on others, we will get bigger stones in return but we crazy smart stupid people think that we will get flowers in return, that’s so cheap. We can do anything for our self but we cannot invest our fucking minute to help others. We as a human expect that’s what we do.

Besides so many good times, we are the creators of bad times. Our mistakes, our pride, our greed all play vital role in creating a trouble path for us and when the path is finally ready we are asked to use it to complete our journey and that’s the natures call and nobody can deny that.

As we all know that every action has equal and opposite reaction. It’s always advisable to do right but again the definition of right is different in our dictionary. We consider wrong as right and right as wrong. Human is the worst creature of the planet as besides being so developed we act like parasites. We only want and that’s it, we have answers to our questions, we have explanations, we can justify, we can lie, we can modify, we can manipulate. We humans can do anything except loving other human beings.

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