Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pulkit is a DOG

Its 12:37 now and I should sleep as tomorrow I have a presentation. Life is so unfavorable in my case. When there is no work I cry and when there is work I panic. It’s a pathetic anxiety. Well besides being a human I have so many characteristics of animals which I proudly admire and acknowledge at my own. I know you must be laughing right now as whenever I write any self pity article my enemies get overwhelmed and thrilled as they hate me at fullest. Well they are not at fault as I must have done something that had made them so angry and annoyed.

Million times I acted like a jerk and I expected innocence in return which was my biggest mistake. I got what I offered and this lesson of give and take is seriously unavoidable. I got billions of jerks which were far more better than me in terms of skills and cleverness and that all reminded me of my past and present.

I am afraid I always see bad horrible dreams and many times I have seen ghosts in my dreams .You might find it as a joke but for me it’s a serious issue. My bad nature is not the reason of my horrible dreams. I am also good at heart to some level. You might find me difficult but still I am okay which is enough in today’s scenario.

I don’t know but I am a dog and I admit that million dollar fact. My parents and my relatives often call me by this label which is an ordinary thing now. I admit that I am a dog as some of my mistakes and some of my actions portray the characteristics of dog in the excellent manner. Well calling myself a dog is not a shame. I guess dog is the most wonderful creature and it’s the only animal which is available in different forms as pet. I consider myself lucky because I got this human body but my thoughts and actions are similar to any dog. Dog loves to eat and so do I , Dog shits a lot and so do I , Dog barks and so do I , dogs are faithful and loyal and so do I , some Dogs are friendly and some are aggressive and I have both the qualities . So with due respect I don’t mind in comparing myself to a dog.

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