Monday, September 5, 2011

friends forever

When I see myself committing mistakes I never stop myself as some of my mistakes never discourage me. It’s unbelievable but it’s a fact. People learn from mistakes but I do them besides knowing that they are mistakes. The biggest mistake I committed was I was in love and that was the biggest nightmare of my life. I should never love anyone except my family but I don’t know why I cannot stop myself?

My family should be my priority but I am a total freak as I consider and help others and the extent of help is limitless. Sometimes my family criticizes me as if I am trying to show myself as a saint.

I never ever thought that I will be so much changed. Life is a beautiful blessing and I am so much grateful to god and to my parents that I got this world. I enjoy knowing others and making friends is like eating ice-cream, always tempting and delicious.

See I am comparing friends with ice cream because after my family and me I love ICE CREAMS. So simple I love my friends too. There are very less and fortunate who get the blessing of true friends. It’s almost impossible to trust others in this era where people are killing each other for there personal interest but I am lucky that I got the opportunity to meet the most genuine people whom I consider as angels of my life.

I was always advised not to trust outsiders but I blindly trusted them. Some experiences were bad but on the totality I got the best as I consider everything has bad and good points.

This life is very small as no one is certain about there life and surprisingly we all are aware of this bitter fact but I don’t know what motivates us to become money minded. The friends who were so near and were so adorable are easily boycotted as our full attention is towards career and money making. No doubt carrier will be established and money will come but the people we used as a stair to climb will never come. Its usual thing today friendship is just a word nothing else, so chill.

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