Monday, September 19, 2011

crazy sex...

Love is a difficult job and it’s impossible to become committed for long because of so many alternatives and distractions. Love is the most pure feeling which cannot be valued, it’s unbelievable but seriously no body believes in love.

NO body wants to feel, they need more. Generally the end result of love which is sex is practiced without any hesitation. Sex is not the satisfaction of body need only, it is the most innocent and interesting prayer performed by two committed mad lovers which in return gives immense satisfaction of souls with the happiness of the partners and nature. Sex is an opportunity and not less than any blessing if emotions are invited.

Sentiments and emotions add spice and drama to any love game which makes life interesting to live and entertaining off course. Surprisingly we are ignoring the ultimate sense of pleasure and comfort by performing sex without emotions and attachment and that’s the only reason of our guilt which is often invited after any dangerous sexual encounter.

Today nobody has got time to feed any lover but still we dream of the perfect mate. In the journey of finding the perfect one, we sleep with millions and kick the billions and the end result is zero giving loneliness and a feeling of frustration and anger.

Sex is the reward lovers give each other after receiving tons of love emotionally and mentally. Physical intimacy is the gift we offer to express our love and commitment and loyalty but stupid generation offers this gift without hesitation easily because of uncontrolled sex desires. Temporarily they become the king but later they crave like any desperate model.

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