Sunday, August 14, 2011

we all are crazy about sex

Sex, we all are crazy about it. Just want to do it.

But we never ever believe in love at this age, I mean at young age. Our tool just gets erect and there we go looking out for anyone to get laid.

And its just 5 or 10 minutes thing. It never gives that satisfaction that we seek for because it doesn’t have affection, passion, emotion, sense, comfort and belief.

I mean sex with anybody or just casual sex is nothing but waste of semen. Sex is a big thing not for every one but for those who understand it. Our country is blessed with this addiction in high amount and that’s what causes high rate of abortion and crime. It’s obvious to see this obsession in the land of karma sutra. Well talking about Kamasutra, I personally love this book, I remember I spent 2000 rupees on it and that was my pocket money. So I knew its importance, the book was fine but the pictures were awesome. Anyway it was very interesting as everything was explained so nicely. By the way what about you?

Ever read a Kamasutra?? It doesn’t teach you sex positions, it teaches you the real sex. Sex with someone not anyone. I guess sex have many aspects and depend on person to person. Some take it seriously but for some it’s a method to discharge the heat with no emotions attached.

I too love sex and in fact I am crazy about it but that doesn’t mean that I will get obsessed for it. Sex happens but we should not get addicted to it because excess of everything is bad even excess of sex is bad. Getting laid with anyone feels like a hooker to me. You are having casual sex with someone and after a day with another one and after that with someone else. It’s inhuman and highly unethical.

We are humans blessed with 5 senses of organs and 6th one is our ability and knowledge and our wisdom but if we forget that and behave like animals then there is no difference between us and animals.

Animals have only 3 senses of organs and they are only aware of food, sex, play, it really suits them to have sex with anyone.
But in our case we are much more superior race and we should behave like one. I think we should treat our body as temple, we should not allow anyone to step in with their dirty shoes.

Only those who deserve us should get chance to know us physically. We never allow any stranger at our house, then how can we allow anyone to use ourselves and taste our body. Are we that cheap? Or we are that easy? Don’t we have any self respect?

If we are unable to get right partner at start and are unable to control ourselves then there are ways to make us diverted to other jobs.

Masturbation is better than sleeping with anyone we get. I guess masturbation has only one benefit that we can imagine anyone in our fantasy while masturbating.

I guess when we meet anyone interesting or any good looking face; we forget the weakness and the bad side of that person and don’t find it necessary to ask the person about his health status and his life. We just want that person at any cost and in case of an average looking person we inquire everything like a cop.

Do good looks hide everything?

Our dream mate fantasy overlaps our sense and we start thinking from the heart and forget to use our brain. Good looks are a blessing sometimes we get by chance and other times by hard workout but it really makes the person go mad for you and people usually use this tool to get their work done and we stupid sex seekers get crazy for that looks and give everything, our money, our respect and behave like we are nothing in front of them.

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