Sunday, August 21, 2011


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I am really feeling better now because I have been through that stage and I cannot forget my past and present and today nature has taught me so well that I have no reason to say anything bad about anyone. 

I always thought that I am right and whatever I am doing is right, I admit that I am self-centered and mean and many people hate me because of endless qualities which are demerits according to them.

 I have blamed many for ruining my life and for creating troubles in my path. Today when I sit alone and I see the roof of my house or whenever I see the sky , everything which I have done comes in front of my eyes like a movie trailer , all those incidents which happened with me and people who were connected with me are all visible in that film of realization.

 I know my mistakes cannot be corrected but I am ready for improvement. It’s impossible to get them back as my arrogance is the biggest evil; I hate this side of me. I miss you, I know you are reading this; this is not for one person. This article belongs to everyone, who is hurt by me. I know I am bad but you have guts and power to offer a chance to me, if you can. That’s all I can ask for, one last chance for the improvement. 

I curse them as they betrayed me, they laughed at me. I thought I was right and they are wrong but the real applause happens with the meeting of two hands and I consider myself to be the culprit. I will never ever blame anyone now as I will try my best to find out my mistakes which are quite big and easy to explore. It’s a wonderful task I have given to myself and that task orders me to ignore the demerits and accept the merits of people around you. 

I know some people hate me so badly that I cannot imagine the consequences. I am afraid that I lost the trust they had in me. I am again and again asking for the support and blessing and a chance to show them that it’s nice to be a human. I promise you that I will give my best and will try hard to correct myself; I just need time, patience, respect and acceptance. These words look small but there impact is amazing and satisfying. Trust me, give me one chance.


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