Wednesday, August 31, 2011

why India is not developing in right manner?

Our country is blessed with different kinds of people with different temperament. We sometimes feel proud that we have so much diversity in one country living under one roof and practicing their own customs and religions with full cooperation and understanding. Being a secular country is a blessing for sure but this is not always a nice feeling as we are very well aware of the facts . 

Because of the corruption and rising scams by politicians and rich business men, our country and its people are confused. Enough misunderstanding is created by the complicated policies of the government and twisted rules and regulations. It’s important to follow rules and fulfill the duties and obey the rights for the smooth working of our country and our society but this rarely happens.

 Frankly speaking, we are in trouble and we are not where we should be and all this is happening because of our politicians and our narrow thinking. They make policies to benefit themselves but they never imagine the consequences of their decisions. Their decisions affect the public rapidly by ruining the current lifestyle causing deflation of means and inflation in terms of prices of goods.  
Another non ignoring fact is that we are stupid, we only die for small profits and we never look out for development. Our first priority is money and we put knowledge and learning as our last priority and that’s what causes lot of trouble. This lust for money is our weakness which is incredibly used by our politicians and smart people with cruel intentions. Not only politicians there are high majority of people who earn the bread of violence and anger. They are pest of our country as they promote violence and they are the biggest enemies of peace and development. 

Violence only waste time and resources without giving any right solution but fucking violent bastards enjoy their cruel and inhuman practices. Every year thousands of people are mislead and exploited and ruined by these fucking violence lovers and this is the real picture of our country.

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