Monday, August 22, 2011


Why I cannot be sure?

Seriously I cannot be sure about anything, I cannot determine the future. I am living in this awful present and I have to face the difficulties alone. I have to change myself for good. I believe I am good for nothing and this change is mandatory. I am compelled to change and surrender some of my very important morals and this courageous step is taken for my survival. This world is pathetic and people living in it are more pathetic, we mean Homo sapiens only understand the language of money and rest is all history.

It’s difficult to imagine the worst as the worst is already happening. we all are killing each other for various things besides knowing the fact that things can be manufactured again but the people are unique and they cannot come again and again but we humans are capable of producing very high majority with the power of men and money and that’s the biggest reason of decreasing importance of human himself.

I cannot understand the humans who are floating in the river of pride and vanity. The biggest fact is that there awful and cruel intentions work easily in the social environment and large majority of people come under there clever spell and it’s almost impossible to protect our self as it is very suffocating.

Most of the times the luck and god is with these cruel and mean people and that is the biggest disappointment of innocent people. Innocent humans are easily destroyed and there is no sun for them. I am curious that why this environment and nature is supporting the devils? The fact is that corruption is distributed by the people and it affects everyone in ratios. The one who is at top will be least affected and the one who is at the street will not be aware of this game but the people running between them are affected badly.

I thought that nature punishes these fucking bastards who are polluting the environment with there thoughts coming from there dirty mind but surprisingly nature is silent , nothing is happening , these inhuman devils are increasing day by day and there powers are multiplying in seconds and there is no one to stop them as there majority is very high. Another bitter fact is that we all are corrupt; we all perform the advertisement of corruption by different ways, only there is a difference of presentation and quantity.

Politicians are eating money openly, government employees are taking bribes for every work which is there duty, and Private sector is the biggest thief as they are snatching money from people by the art of presentation. Like this every sector is doing there job and side by side exploiting the people and the system. After reading all this now tell me why I cannot be sure?

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