Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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This is getting serious. Baby since I met you I don’t have any control on myself. I admit that you are not interested in me but still my soul seeks for a hope. I heard about true love but never thought that I will fall into this.

You are perfect and I know that there are thousands of guys who can even kill anyone for you but I am your very true fan. I know that I may be not that good looking but still my heart is very good-looking.

My heart just beats for you . Please talk to me. I wait for your call everyday. I message you everyday with intimate passion. I don’t force you but it’s a request that consider me as someone who really worships you.

I really can’t sleep at night and can’t do my work because I think of you every time. I thought that this happens only in movies but sorry it also happens in real life and its happening to me.

You really changed my life. Since you walked in my life I am the luckiest person. Now I really feel to do hard work to give whatever you want but just need your smile and you in return.

Please don’t take it as a joke, it’s not a phase, it’s not a crush. I get proposals and I really hold them and don’t feel like pursuing to them because I think that one day you will surely think of me but I also know that you will never ever take me seriously.
I got something to tell you and you should hear that. I LOVE YOU. I really honestly love you.
You really have to let me know your approval. My love is very simple. Please realize that it’s coming from my heart and not my head. I am not trying to make you feel uncomfortable but this feeling doesn’t come along every day.
And please don’t blow this chance. You will get admirers but will never get lover like me.

I know I am different and may be less than those with good muscles and charming faces but my heart pumps for you. I am tired of letting my heart know that you will never come but still this hope would be alive till my last breath.

I really want to play with other beauties but my heart stops me to do that because he has made a commitment to you. It’s heart to heart. I don’t need you but I want you.
Whenever I see you I really feel like I am in heaven. Please make me the part of your life. I know you told your friends about me and you are impressed that’s what I was thinking when I used to got calls from you every night but I am afraid that may be you just count me as a friend.
May be this is what I deserve. I really dedicate this blog to you because I can’t stop thinking about you. I really want to be with you.
Please try to understand. I know that pure love is one which gives and doesn’t demand but truth sucks. It really does. I am addicted to you now.

Why love happens so easily and why I was chosen for this? I ask myself that my life is already screwed up and then why this love came in and now it sucks more than anything because you are not ready.

Why you get impressed by big muscles and short brains? I know looks matter but I don’t think you should be crazy for them.
Have you ever got lover like me sending you more than 10 messages everyday, waiting for you madly, just for your one look, and doing whatever you say.

I really don’t know what's in your mind but at least talk to me, there is no harm in that. Anyways it’s upon you, may be I am getting punished by god because you don’t like me and I guess I deserve you but you don’t think so. Still I will be like this just waiting for you but I am damn sure that later on I may move forward and you will really think of me later. That’s a promise.


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