Thursday, August 25, 2011

Important wake up article for youngsters

Why so many boundaries?

No doubt life is tough and challenging and I am not the only sufferer. Everyone is dealing with problems and some are blessed with problems and some are gifted with problems but the fact is problem exists like any other non living thing. And this word creates a pathetic feeling which makes us helpless and exhausted.

Many lose hope suddenly and some are brave enough to handle them life long. I was dumb and I admit this beautiful fact with mannerism, I remember I hated every task of my life which has some problem connected to it.

Sooner I realized that every job will shower problems on us if we are not punctual and alert. This world is a world of monsters and it’s almost impossible to survive if we are lazy and I have been too much lazy lately and I am still paying its returns.

I have learnt a lot from my mistakes but luckily still committing them in style. Generally parents are so much protective towards us, they want to protect us from evil effects and complicated situations and that’s why they shout on us or scold us when we commit any mistake.

Boundaries are set by parents only to prevent any blunder mistake that can ruin the entire life. E.g. Rich boys often misuse there money by drinking alcohol and by consuming drugs resulting to ruined future with unlimited issues and accidents which are horrible to imagine. Another example is of girls who use there virginity to fetch money placed in high profile offices and corporations.

Parents not only guide us in the right way but they also worry about us but we do not take this seriously. Our hormones and stage of puberty is uncontrollable and we fly and that’s what causes miss happening and miss fortune which is caused by us. E.g. Doing unprotected sex can cause sexual disease like STD and HIV which are the introduction to death.
Another example: boys engaging in bad company and surrendering there morals and getting educated by street bastards to become criminal.

Well boundaries are often neglected and are always considered uncomfortable by young generation as they stop our freedom but freedom for what? I am pretty sure that many of us are blessed with education, food, shelter and other basic needs then why we still need more? Why we cannot wait for the right time? Are we so desperate to become bad? Why sex dominates us so much? Well we all have different answers to these questions as we know how to tackle others and our self as no matter how much ruined or successful you are. We all blessed with this art. Art of giving excuses and this art will never favor us.

I guess we should try to respect the thoughts of our parents and please do not ask this question to your parents “WHY SO MANY BOUNDARIES?”

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