Thursday, July 7, 2011

you can say a mix of anger, violence, harassment and exploitation.

Enjoy the insult

Well there are many instances when we feel that we are insulted and that insult creates social evil and anger. But in reality our misconceptions and misunderstandings create situation more complicated and miserable.

Frankly speaking sometimes our own thinking provokes us and we involve our self into unwanted restrictions and problems. Insult is avoided by everyone and as our human nature has tendency to examine and decide about the good and bad behavior, we are very well aware of the fact that insult is a bad behavior or you can say a mix of anger, violence, harassment and exploitation.

But sometimes this insult has a very small perspective and this insult which is generated on a very small scale of anger does not provoke us completely. We have some power and some capabilities that help us and make us strong enough to tolerate this bad behavior.

Generally the person who is insulted is harassed by other group of people because of the negative impact and strong dominating strategy and behavior of people. Some people enjoy insulting others and those who are blessed with money, fame and power are much more active in this process.

Once we are insulted in front of a crowd or in front of our known people like colleagues and classmates, we feel socially murdered. It’s a human nature. Violence and anger are powerful tools used by immature freaks to destroy others. Insult not only creates uncomfortable atmosphere, it also affects our life and our individuality negatively.

We feel bad after insult but we never try to know the reason which bought this situation. We only consider and think about the behavior we have been through. The person who is dominating always put us in difficult situation and they enjoy our helpless state.

But how can we avoid this insult? Well it can be avoided if we choose right ways and follow rules and regulations efficiently and effectively. But besides doing everything, there are times when we are insulted unnecessarily. Innocent and honest people are the easiest targets as the list of corrupt people is bigger and longer. I know there is no way out to this situation but its life. We humans are capable enough to handle these situations.

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