Wednesday, July 13, 2011

world is changing but not for good. must read

where are we going?

In what direction we are moving?

we are digging our own graves for what?

 In this world where human beings are used as objects, I cannot determine the strength of people and I cannot be sure of the unity among them.

It’s an interesting fact that unity is still there but its presence stands on the shaft of money. There were times when love and emotions were so powerful that they united the people of the country and every house was a home filled with diverse characters without any complaints and demands and there was a way of living. At that point the time and period scale was like today with some differences like today we have so much development and technology but earlier times were blessed with limited means.

But the point is that limited means and big majority leads to fight but the interesting fact is that there was no fight. People were understanding and cooperative. HELP , LOVE and CARE were the popular words used at that time in day to day life but what’s happening now? We have unlimited means, we have technology and development but all I see is fight. Everywhere from small to larger corner, from one house to another, arguments are freely distributed and violence is worshiped. Why?

Who is promoting this negativity? 

Why we cannot digest and live in the available means and resources?

 Who has created so much lust in us? 

Why we are so much greedy?

Well I know you do not have any answer to this. Because our mind is selfish and our heart is helpless as it is dominated by materialistic things and tempting baits. We believe in getting everything and everything is seriously a big thing to get and digest. Earlier people had respect for elders and big fishes were respected and honored but today elders are disrespected with style and big fishes only have enemies in there contact book.

The world is changing, people are changing but this change is dangerous. It’s infectious. Every corner is filled with corrupt people who are just after your money and body. Well money and body need creates lust and this lust can make any one crazy. This change is too much to digest and there is no solution to this problem.

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