Saturday, July 30, 2011



I don’t know whenever I am stressed, I look out for sex. I believe that sex has the ability to vanish the stress and tension. Well I have read in many magazines about sex exercise as it is beneficial in every way. I know we perform sex for pleasure and that pleasure and comfort is capable enough to satisfy our body hunger but many practice it for losing weight as it burns calories. Sex is the only topic which can entertain any one and we never get bored with it. It’s unbelievable.

This process of satisfying each others body hunger and need is awesome as the type of satisfaction it offers is impeccable. You cannot compare the body hunger with food hunger in anyway. Today youth can live without food but cannot live without sex; it’s so addictive and overpowering. But this is not my question and I am not here to tell you the merits of sex, we all know that. I am curious and I want to control my sex desire. As you all know that I am very sensitive and I feel love, sex is not just sex for me, it’s more than that. Sex gives touch and feel of love if done with passion and dedication.

Today sex is so easy that it can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone. There are no boundaries now. Youth is lucky that they are blessed with internet as it offers lots of opportunities for sexual encounters and multiple partners is a fashion.

Well sex is a job today, even people from good families practice prostitution as the best job as it offers pleasure, comfort, money and what you have to give in return..? Nothing because you are receiving pleasure too I was shocked to see some people who do not feel shame in admitting about there part time job which was prostitution. In fact they enjoy this line; they proudly call themselves as escort which is quite a sexy name for them. In day they work in MNC or some are studying and in odd hours there secret job starts with passion and dedication.

It depends on person to person that how they define sex? Some call it wow, some are addicted and some cannot tolerate it. But sex is always in demand and it will be. Hotels and clubs are running on the mercy of sex as 80% of the rooms are booked for sex only and clubs are less for dancing and more for making out.

As sex goes through many stages, starting from kissing to smooching to body play to oral sex to intercourse. Its unbelievable fact that some people do not go through all these stages. Well personally speaking I like every stage and it’s hard to control the ejaculation till last stage as body play and oral sex are very satisfying. Some partners get premature ejaculation in kissing and smooching only , some are able to take it longer from body play to oral sex but some are tough enough to maintain themselves till the last shot.

I have many male friends and some are very interesting like one of my friend named tarun had 6 girlfriends and he was maintaining them continuously as one girl was good in fucking , other was in oral sex and rest were occasional in the absence of first and second girl friend.

It’s very hard to see and expect virginity and loyalty from girls and boys. Parents think that there kids are innocent and dumb when it comes to sex but sorry parents youth is more educated when it comes to sex.

Like me every guy has questions and suggestions when it comes to sex. Guys are very good is gossiping and gossiping about sex and chicks are there priority. Can you see and expect any youth who will be gossiping about the human welfare and country? Not in today’s world as sex is the most interesting subject in the world. No matter how much you try to avoid it you cannot as it acts like a shadow. I tried my best to control my sexual desires; I was tired of masturbation as it only offers weakness. I wanted and I tried my best to utilize my time in some other activity, I was able to concentrate for a while in work and studies but again my mind was thinking about this amazing play as it’s not just a word it’s a whole world within.

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