Monday, July 25, 2011


Sex is mandatory

I know I am a guy and girls have a particular thinking about guys. They think that guys only look for one thing and they are right. It’s a non ignorable fact. Well in short
Girls believe that men are dog because they act like one. I don’t know about maximum men but trust me at the end of the day men need only one thing and that is sex.

Pure hot sex is men’s priority and they are ready to worship girls for that. There is a very popular say that woman need reason to make out and men need place to make out. They hardly believe in relationships.

In fact relationships and trust and love are all labels given to there fun. Well these labels are mandatory to beautify the picture of the lovers. There are cases where lovers may get serious but it’s an exception which is rarely possible. There are many reasons involved in this.

Today’s environment is very fast and due to development and technology, we are smart and we know well about our needs and desires. In this section there is a corner given to fitness , due to invention of gyms and workout machines we are able to get the desired physique which looks appealing and mouth watering and as we are finally blessed with the high alert of over population we cannot ignore the most interesting fact. The fact is that there is a big ratio of fitness freaks or good looking people and we can get plenty of them. This availability creates the chances where we can make choice and we can also switch to alternatives.

Millions of happy lovers switch to break up because of this fitness option. There are girls who are out of shape and that is why they are ignored as the boy needs a hot body to make him sweat in his pants and in the same case girls look for good looking guys who can work as her toy to tease her friends. This whole relationship thing is crap , youth is too active and they don’t believe in slowing down and as we all are aware of the fact that relationships and commitment gives stability and barrier , we usually ignore it as an uncommitted person has millions of options and committed is just like trapped parrot.

I don’t believe in love anymore because love teaches us the most difficult lessons which need dedication and passion in every way. Love means sacrifice and it’s a pure feeling which is free from the castle of lust but as we all know that lust is very powerful and lust can make anyone or can break anyone. Lust dominates every person of this world; you cannot ignore it in anyway. Fat guys and girls will be proposed and liked only if there is love otherwise we all know the reality.

Sex is a combination of need and want and no doubt it gives us the desired satisfaction which is good , good to release mental tension and as youth is touching the sky of puberty , they cannot control there sexual needs and they need partner to satisfy them immediately , this time is very crucial . In this time period the youth is distracted and cropped up by various responsibilities and jobs. Some are studying, some are into job, some are still making there career but for this they cannot ignore there sexual needs, they don’t believe in masturbation any more. Like when they are hungry they eat food in that same way when there body hunger hits them, they look out for girlfriends or boyfriends.

It’s not a shame and it’s not a crime, only if girls and guys are involved in sex with mutual understanding and acceptance. Words like love, missing, dear, yours, lovingly all plays a key role is creating a movie which is quite enjoyable. Girls count every sexual encounter as love but for guys its just sex, a moment of minutes where they need there cream to be out by hook or by crook.

Well this battle of love and lust will take place like this in every phase and in every century as youth is crazy and for them sex is mandatory.

Pulkit mohan singla

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