Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well developments are neat and tidy but the people who are contributing are untidy and dirty. As advancement is increasing day by day, it’s obvious to see advancement in other aspects too and the most common area of advancement is our brain.

There was a time when I had a quest for advancement but today I hesitate when it comes to this category. I am youth and I should be open and bold but everything has limits and things look good when they are not stretched too much. Someone told me that excess of everything is bad but this statement looks useless as no one is following it.

Well as I mentioned about the advancement of brain, I will not discuss about technology or business as very few are interested in this. Advancement in brain is also distributed inside the brain according to the topics. If I talk about sex, I don’t guess but I can confidently say that billions are ready to invest there time and energy and money to know and understand this amazing play. Maximum are getting advanced in terms of sex only and other topics are useless and time wasting for them.

When something is done again and again, it becomes a regular process and soon that cycle becomes easy and approachable. Every parent sees innocence and angel like nature in there children but when children becomes adult or join the hand of puberty, they generate a quest for knowledge and that knowledge is of sex. This play is really powerful and it’s a super addiction, a good slogan is coming in my mind right now…ek baar karogay to karte hi reh jaogay , NO ONE CAN HAVE JUST ONE.

You are not at fault, anyone can get carried away. There is no human being in this world who can survive without sex. It’s awesome, once it happens, it gives pleasure and we want more and more.

There are very few who can really control there desires and divert there mind to work as after it’s done, you would probably think about it again and again.

But what makes sex so powerful?

Why sex dominates us?

Why we get carried away?

Why are tempting bodies so influencing?

Besides all the desires, sex desire dominates all. From poor to rich everyone needs sex. From animals to human’s sex revolve around our lives. From straight to homosexual sex is performed with pleasure.

In earlier times we were not aware about these things but today from any corner and from any youth you can ask anything about sex and the reply would be shocking. Sex is easily available and multiple partners are a fashion.

But my question is can you talk about sex? No one is ready to talk, we all are just ready to do it but when it comes to talking, we zip it up.

Why? Why do we hesitate? We never discuss this with our partner as majority is available to offer the minutes pleasure. The most common thing known as break up is caused by our lack of skills in this play and that’s why people are making them sharper and experienced by choosing multiple or frequent partners.

I really pity, we innocent people do not have time to understand the inner side of any one but we do have hell lotta time to understand the outer side of everyone. Well this advancement is pretty dirty and shockingly annoying as people are no more people they are objects, in fact sex objects to satisfying our so called body lust.

Pulkit mohan singla

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