Friday, July 22, 2011


It was not an ordinary disease but for others it was. My family was very well aware of this bitter fact. We have been to numerous hospitals from ordinary to 5 star hospitals for getting best treatment for my mother. This disease not only affects the patient but other members of family are also affected because of the struggle and intolerable tension and stress.

It’s hard to see the patient crying in pain and even harder to see the type of treatment the patient handles. Its terrible and whole atmosphere is negative. Every minute is full of troubles and problems. My mother was suffering from kidney failure and yes it was not an ordinary disease. Her both the kidneys were damaged.

I remember our summer vacations were different. Every time we used to go to hospitals, hospital was our picnic, our home, our eating joint, our club. Every time, everywhere we were watching patients crying and our whole day was not less than any nightmare.

When any member of the family is affected by problems, I guess other members come forward to help but in our case it was completely different. We have not expected the consequences of jealousy. I knew that my relatives are distracted and affected by the ambience of jealousy but still in some corner of my heart I knew that my relatives are there for me but things were not favorable as they were not favorable.

In our bad times we expect so much from our loved ones and this expectation is obvious and mandatory. I don’t know that weather you are able to keep yourself strong in tough situations or not but my family was very weak. We were helpless.

I was surprised to see the changing colors of my loved ones and friends. Once someone said to me that when you will fall no one will help you and when you will rise people will be there to follow you and this statement was right and was visible in our case.

The biggest shock was when people took our problem as joke. My class mates laughed at my back. I still remember there faces and the look they gave to me. Teachers thought that I am making an excuse and there was no mercy at all. They said that it happens with everyone so why you are making it an issue?

Well for them it was an ordinary disease but for our family it was life changing and it completely destroyed our life. I still remember my mothers face when she was in ICU. She was so weak that she was not recognizing us. Her memory was very weak and she thought that we are some kind of strangers staring at her. That phase was terrible and pathetic, I still criticize the doctors who gave an over dose of the medicines. Even junior doctors advised us to file a case against the hospital but we were not in a position to say anything at all and then she died.

I still remember the ringing sound of the mobile at midnight, it was scary. We got the news about my mother's death. It was a deep shock and it was hard to digest but as we all know that this cruel environment is only concerned with money making. The hospital authority asked for money. I remember we paid every single amount but this additional was for body. I was surprised to see the cruelty of the doctors. These doctors are devils and they use people and there body to earn money. I don’t know why people are not scared of god?

anyway the truth is that i lost my mother. I miss you mom , you were amazing and I still love you and miss you.

(Will be continued…)

Pulkit mohan singla

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