Thursday, July 14, 2011

The most influential

The most influential

We all have some sort of inspiration and we are beautifully influenced by many figures of the society. Besides this there are some people in our life who are perfect and they work very well in every way.

It’s obvious to get attracted to these perfect people. The word perfect is accepted and appreciated by everyone as we all are full of imperfections and when we see any person better than us, we assume and feel attracted and we enjoy copying that person in every way. It’s not bad, actually it’s good. If someone is best then follow him/her, it not only washes out the weak points but also promotes positivism.

As we have discussed the good points of these perfect idols, why we will ignore the bad points? Well, now you will say that perfect people do not have any weak points or they never do mistakes. Well it’s a myth. The people who appear perfect are seriously not perfect. In fact no one is perfect and it’s impossible to become perfect because we are humans, we are not god.

Well some silly humans examine perfection on the basis of clothes and ascent and money and status. Well I agree that in today’s world perfection is judged on this basis only but in real world it is examined and judged on the basis of overall performance. Status and money and style are small tests which does not guarantee perfection , human relations , attitude , upbringing , growth , behavior , knowledge are equally important and its impossible to gain everything without losing anything. So, stop blaming yourself and do not cry if you are not perfect.

Well when we achieve something and when that achievement is acknowledged, we feel top of the world and this feeling creates attitude and arrogance. There are very few humans who remain human after receiving success because others feel like god as they are worshiped by billions of fans. There achievement is celebrated and accepted in such a way that they compare themselves as god and consider them in super human’s category.

Gorgeous faces and fantastic physique does not guarantee gorgeous heart and fantastic nature. But as we all know humans are blind. They see nothing accept outer beauty as inner beauty is still a tough concept for them to understand.

Pulkit mohan singla

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