Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a man who was impotent (weakness can convert anyone into a beast)

We all have some kind of sensitive corner which becomes highly active in difficult situations. No matter how much brave we are, we still have some weak points which are never neglected. We are fully aware of our weakness and this alertness creates a feeling of insecurity and complex. This feeling is dangerous if not taken seriously. In today’s world where perfection is adopted and imperfection is rejected, we work very hard to get close to perfection and as we see so many people who are already tagged in the column of perfection, we follow them to get royalty and acceptance. Human nature is really disgusting and unhealthy as humans are weak in admitting there mistakes instead they point out others mistakes. Inside we all are beautifully aware of the fact that we have this or that demerit and some also know the solution of there weakness but still they do not admit it and they do not prefer solution . This negligence is quite ordinary and usual as our whole concentration is involved in searching the demerits of the other person.

This nature is simply unfaithful and unnecessary but still we practice this. Humans cannot digest truth as they know that truth is bitter. Lie is very powerful as it offers unrealistic approach and thinking, lie assures possibility of impossible stuff, and the path of lie is easy and can be used by anyone. Lie act as a support system for hiding our weakness. We are happy in the shelter of dishonesty but this shelter can break anytime by the cyclone of honesty.

The biggest myth we humans believe in is that we will never get caught. This security and assurance is simply childish. When we get caught, we utilize our mind, body and soul in one direction and that direction leads to the fountain of excuses and corruption.

The most difficult phase is when someone targets our weakness; this phase can convert an innocent man into a beast. E.g. I read news yesterday and it was basically crime news. A man who was impotent was frequently teased and criticized by her wife and in order to take revenge he killer her. This type of violence takes place when we face the truth as truth is not glamorous.

I don’t know why people cannot tolerate truth. They cannot digest the facts. This type of violence takes place very frequently in different corners of the world by humans as they believe in reciprocate. No body wants to correct the weakness, they just hide it as they accept there weakness as a baby and these culprits give the excuse of honor killing after hurting another human being. Humans are animals and some are worse than that, no matter how much you try but this play of ego will exist as demerits are always targeted.

Pulkit mohan singla

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