Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Love Questions ( source : Internet )


Love questions, these two words look so adorable and charming. They have power to fill excitement and motivation and dedication and passion. The love questions are often asked and distributed among lovers. They are positive and dominating. These love questions give a feeling of oneness and unity which is very crucial in any relation. I too like love questions.

Well but not everyone and they are also criticized at the same point. There are lovers who hate love questions because these love questions are hard and demanding sometimes which can change life’s forever and the meaning of life is complicated because we all desire love without any commitment and liabilities but these love questions ask for liabilities and demands and expectations which are not tolerated by many lovers as they are just interested into making love.

People who think and act according to there heart are often interested in asking love questions expecting positive and right answer full of acceptance and romance but people who think and act according to there brain are smart freaks, they never use love questions and they ignore them like anything because they knew once this question is asked they are gone.

Then who is crazy, the love questions or the person who rejects them. well love is a very pure feeling but when it gets mixed up with lust and sex , it becomes a complicated assignment where lovers avoid love questions as body lust and sex are much more easy and appealing and the most important thing is that they don’t want to be answerable to anyone , not even to themselves.

This world is very fast and people are running for sex, money, fame. These things open lot of opportunities and comfort which is desirable and popular. Commitment, love, sentiments, emotions give boundaries and today’s youth is not in a mood for any test or challenges. They need things fast, faster then light. So they are using and distributing there energy and time and money for these things and they will do this. Morals and love questions just rest in books and novels.

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