Sunday, July 10, 2011

Introduction to real world

This is my life and I am the one who is the sufferer here. Well others can support but they cannot feel the pain I have been through. Life is very different and unique and dramatic at my side. The instances which happened with me are so useful that if they are used by any producer, they can make a good movie because it has the mixture of all emotions and everything which a good workable movie need.

I have seen so much negativity that positivism surprises me. The things which were introduced to me by nature and the people were strong enough to make me strong and confident. I don’t really believe my abilities because abilities are affected by environment and people. Well no matter how much you work, all efforts are converted into mess by jealous watchers.

The thing is I am not bad and I believe that and trust that thought. I never believe in interfering and I only care about myself and my family. I am not concerned with others. I respect others but I don’t feel to change anything about anyone as I cannot change myself too. People who love me are always welcome and I do not care about the haters. I am not strong enough to hurt anyone because I am completely messed up. I know the pain and the consequences. I am very sensitive and every reaction has a very strong impact and action on me.

Different enemies use different strategies to hurt me. Some tease me; some say offensive words, some say very offensive words and inhuman and sensitive remarks are frequently used by them. I just want to know the reason for all this. I don’t like to make enemies and I hate this word too. I want a peaceful life with minimum tensions and pressures. I try my best to make friends and I always prefer honesty and loyalty towards my work and towards the people I am connected. I don’t know why people use there time and resources to hurt and harm others. There is no fun and no gain in violence but this is a satisfying activity of some freaks.

I don’t know what these violent freaks want to prove by creating negativity and violence in the atmosphere. They want things to work according to them at any cost by ignoring the morals and rules. Well there is a very interesting point in this as today these violent people are worshipped and day by day there acts and there popularity is increasing.

But the million dollar question is that how to detect these violent freaks? Well we cannot determine and we cannot judge anyone by there face. The experiences help us in deciding this difference. I am worried that as these violent behavior carrying freaks are increasing day by day, who will maintain peace and balance? The majority of peace lovers will determine the amount of balance and positivism in the atmosphere but there are very less who respect the power and existence of truth.

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