Saturday, July 23, 2011

I loved her and she dumped me

I still believe in love. I know this environment educate us to become practical and we should never involve our self in love but besides this I understand that the power of love is influential. Love has its own unique quality and attraction. The feeling of love is outstanding and it cannot be compared with anything. No matter how rich or poor you are love is for everyone and love never choose people on the basis of looks or money or power. Love happens and it can happen between anybody.

The purity is divine and it’s an awesome feeling to live and die in the magic of love. I remember myself when I was in love, it was just amazing. I remember my whole day and night was like an event. I was enjoying each and every activity and moment of my life and nights were as romantic as rose. Whole day I was thinking about her and missing her was the priority. Her voice was as sweet as honey and as inspirational as books. I loved her deeply madly insanely. I had so many plans and dreams and expectations. I wanted to take her to my parents. I loved everything about her. She was like rose. I loved her in fact everything about her. Although she was very less talkative but I knew that she likes me. We never had sex because our relationship started as friends and we decided to be friends first and then anything else. I knew that she can get anyone because she was just awesome like a goddess.

Every time we had arguments on small to large topics but they were healthy arguments and I appreciated her words and suggestions. She was not dreamy like me. She was satisfied with herself and her job. On that night, she called me and I was also waiting for her call. I grabbed the phone in excitement and she wanted to have some serious talk. She said that she want a good friend only , nothing more and she asked my suggestion and I said okay no problem. But that was a problem, I loved her and I wanted her but love does not educate us to become stubborn. Sacrifice is the biggest test in love and I am happy I passed it and today we are very good friends and I love her.

Some say that I am orthodox and stupid but I am happy because I do believe in sacrifice. I don’t know weather my sacrifice will be acknowledged or not but it’s like a prayer to me. We love god and we expect so much but we cannot compel god to listen to us. I feel that love is like prayer and our lover is our almighty, our job is to shower infinite love and rest is on them.

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