Sunday, July 3, 2011

do you run cycle of ignorance?? read this to find out


I don’t know about others but I guess that I have seen those times when I have ignored myself completely for others. This ignorance was satisfying, I don’t know why but every time I used to feel relaxed. I guess fulfilling the needs of family was my priority and there satisfaction was my primary goal. So, this ignorance cannot be called as ignorance. My family has done a lot for me and I cannot judge them because the amount of love I got from them is amazing and it cannot be compared in any way.

Well every one is like me in this matter. We all work and do various jobs and activities to provide luxury and comfort to our loved ones. This job is performed by everyone in the family. Mother cooks food and take care of the family to provide comfort to the rest of the members of family, father works hard and earn the most important thing of life for us (money) which fulfills our basic and materialistic needs, children give happiness and pleasure by there joyful nature but the most important thing we are ignoring here is IGNORANCE.

Well generally young people think that they are ignoring themselves and there needs to fulfill the needs and wants of there family and this thought cause frustration when the burden is high and unbearable. Well, in most of the cases small responsibilities appear to be larger because of our own personal misconception and our own personal negative thoughts. Some people are good and strong enough to carry the responsibilities and liabilities without any regret and complain and they understand the real world and the rules of real world. But it’s a bitter fact that people hate liabilities and hard work and the things which should be ignored are not ignored and things which should not be ignored are ignored. This mistake is in continuous process and will never end.

Frankly speaking we all have tendency to complain. Just because we have ignored some personal wants for others, we think that we have done too much which is not too much; it’s a very small portion of effort which we have done. It depends on person to person and everyone has different thought process.

Well parents never complain but we children complain a lot and these endless complaints and ignorance shows our mean mentality. we should salute our family and specially our parents for there efforts and hard work. They ignore there wants and basic needs for us and we ignore there efforts and dedication continuously and this cycle of ignorance and complain goes hand in hand without any full stop.

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