Sunday, July 17, 2011

why industries have slow growth and short lifespan in India?

Why industries have slow growth and short lifespan in India?

well the answer to this question is people who run the industries but how they are responsible for failure ? lets read this article you will get the answer.

I am really offended by the fact that today people are not ready to work. Work is there but people who can do it are less. It does not mean that there is any shortage of people. In the country where over population is popular , people are not in a mood to work because they prefer disguised unemployment and it is applied on large scale in factories and other work units.

Every one wants easy money, no body is ready to invest their time and energy for work. They know that their salary is fixed and they will get this reward every month so why to waste time in working? Well this is the most disgusting attitude people are handling today. It is becoming impossible to manage and take work from these people who only dream but do not work to accomplish it. It’s hard to find a true worker who does his/her job honestly and efficiently. Well no body gives 100 % but today expecting 50 % of work is also a tough task in some units.

Well it totally depends on different work units. It’s really important to change this mindset of people as they are the barrier in the growth and development of the country. I don’t know what they expect ? and how much they expect? They just want with the promise of giving nothing in return.

Another cruel intention they carry is making us helpless. They create such situations when we are enable to do anything except shouting and at these difficult situations people are compelled to use violence as their weapon but who will correct this situation?

Who will motivate these lazy freaks? Who will educate them? It’s all most impossible to tell them the importance of hard work. Well they believe in passing the time and they waste the resources and assets intentionally. I don’t know who motivate them negatively? Well it also depends on people that how they take work…

I know that negative motivation (harassment, exploitation, anger, violence) is practiced to take work but this motivation is not the choice, it happens unintentionally when things go out of control. When love , care , peace is disrespected by lazy workers and when the presence and order of the boss is taken as joke then these kind of negative motivating devices are used because the boss who is paying is also working hard to earn money and his hard work is not considered hard work by his employees. They believe that he is gaining money through other means. Not only this workers unite together to make their boss suffer, his/her work is not taken seriously and their salary is only their priority.

Well this is a cat and dog battle and there is no end to it. It is mutual understanding, both the parties have to understand each other interests and needs and everything should be handled with respect and honesty.

Pulkit mohan singla

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