Thursday, July 14, 2011

worshiping god only for materialistic wants

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It’s a beautiful and divine fact that India is an exotic country consisting of amazing religious people. Well I am proud to be an Indian because the customs, religions and traditions are so powerful and interesting. They really complete us and people of India follow the religion and the religious prayers in an outstanding way.

It feels so calm and peaceful inside. The festivals and rituals are celebrated in awesome manner with tons of colors and lights and sweets and wishes and crowd. It’s Divine and I love it. From childhood I am so much impressed and glad to see these rituals and traditions. The intermixing of thoughts and religions make an interesting combination. It adds beauty and meaning to life. I have been to haridwar and the overall experience was incredible and that’s why it is Incredible India.

I know you are enjoying the words and the lines but do you follow the rituals and traditions effectively? Well many will say yes but some will say no and the no is probably coming from distracted youth.

Today it’s hard to focus towards praying and religion because of tempting baits offered to us. These baits (sex, money, movies, gossiping, fun) not only distract us but also promote careless behavior. The youth is not affected by sentiments and emotions, for them it’s all drama. They do not pay attention to the words of elders and it’s hard to make them realize the importance of praying.

The biggest reason for this ignorance is selfishness. Well urbanization and development is also promoting mean nature. The lust for things does not allow people to invest time in praying.

Not only this, it’s hard to see selfless praying and it’s very easy to see people praying only for motive. Generally every one has some or the other reason for praying. Everybody asks for this and that and expect their wishes to come true in the shortest span of time without any effort. They believe that going to temple is enough but the fact is we have to become a true and honest human being who understands others and do not hurt the creatures made by god.

I know it seems bookish to you because your tempting bait is forcing you to avoid this. Anyway be honest and respect others, everything will happen according to you if you love and respect the nature and its elements. Love people, understand them and consider everyone’s efforts. This world needs love and care which are the greatest strength and love others like you love yourself. I know its damn tough to behave like a human but you can try because you are actually human. God is with everyone, we just need to find out the signals.

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