Wednesday, July 13, 2011

anger management is never practised. Dont you think ?


I don’t find any reason to be angry but unfortunately reasons come without any invitation. Anger is not only harmful but it is disastrous. It not only creates irritation but also makes us miserable to a certain extent. Well anger is a root cause of many diseases like the most common disease popularly known as blood pressure.

But wait a minute!

Why I am telling you all this?

It will never benefit me and you because we humans are designed in such a way by nature that we cannot forget anger and this quality is always used in small to large operations.

I mean there is no person in this world that can live without being angry for at least a single time. But there is also a word called as Try. I guess whomsoever originated this word is brilliant because he/she knows that this word can make impossible things possible.

But who wants to try?

The answer is No body . Anger management is never applied and followed because anger helps in creating impact and it has a dominant nature. We humans are such a shit that we know the reasons and benefits of different things and luckily we use them in bad cause. There are very less who practice peace and calmness, others are busy in cruel activities like shouting on others, throwing things when angry, harassing others, aggressive nature and physical handling.

We have no right to harm others in anyway. This right is only given to the government and the cops but no matter how much educated we are, we believe in handling situations at our own personal level. There are so many incidents when people perform inhuman cruel activities for punishing others without any fear and sense. We are blessed with a system of law and order and we should follow it but we are smart humans. Today the environment is so sick that people behave worse than any illiterate person and every day we read so much in newspapers and news channels are showing so much which can make anyone tense. The violence is freely distributed and used and applied and peace is no where.

Now it’s upon you. If you want to behave like a human then try to be a human, we humans are blessed with fantastic senses and abilities and we should use them for good cause but we are working in a different and opposite direction, we humans are behaving like animals and may be worse then that and frequently law and order is disrespected by violent freaks. Let’s hope and pray because it’s impossible to make humans realize that peace is a better then violence and anger.

Pulkit mohan singla

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