Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Well this word is quite big for those who are stubborn. DONT YOU THINK?

Are you ready?

Are you ready to compromise?

Well this word is quite big for those who are stubborn and for those who have not seen any difficulties and stress in their life. There are many people who compromise with so many things and still live their life happily without complaints and the best and the most amazing thing is that these people can survive in any situation because they have guts and habit of compromising. Once you start this activity in your day to day life, you can live without anything and it seems difficult to some but it’s a fantastic thing to do to become successful.

Take me for a chance , I compromised almost everything , I rarely go to theatre for movies , I only shop when I am in urgent need of something , I never smoke or drink , I never party , I have not been to night clubs , I have no partner but still I live , I have a normal life with a big burden of liabilities but I still enjoy working , I have not been to any restaurants and never celebrated new year , I have not been to parties etc.

You must be thinking that my life is so boring and dull; I also used to think like that but not any more. I was the one who was blaming others and god for creating challenges and the situations where I am compelled to compromise but I guess that was important and mandatory and frankly speaking this compromise really helped me in tackling the toughest situations and hard times.

Today I am so perfect in handling situations and adjustment is really the easiest task for me now. Well you can say today I am addicted to simplicity. I don’t need unlimited stuff to make myself happy. I am satisfied and full in just one cup of tea and respect.

I don’t need expensive gifts, I don’t need anyone’s mercy, I just expect honesty and respect which are enough to satisfy me. I am full of myself. I don’t want to celebrate my birthday as I will not do any favor to others by celebrating it, it’s a waste of time and energy and money. I will prefer to celebrate it when I will do something good and beneficial for the society and people. I want to work for others, I want to help others and I want nothing just love and its not bookish it’s a fact coming from my heart. May god give me opportunity and chances to help others so that they won’t compromise like I did to survive.

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