Friday, June 24, 2011

This obsession, passion, dedication, action and addiction for money is making people maniac. Is that right???

Who is bad?

How can you judge anyone?

How can you decide about one’s nature and there character?

How can you be so much sure about any person?

Well some say that we decide and judge in the first move, popularly called as first impression is the last impression. But I guess the situation is worse and complicated here.

Well it’s tough to decide and judge anyone and when it comes to me, I cannot try and I cannot believe anyone in anyway. It’s so hard and a very twisting task to perform. Well, I have seen changing colors but the effect and impact of that change is disastrous.

People are so much crazy and obsessed with this thing called money that it forces them and compels them to be called as a bad person as they actually become bad. Some are called bad because they actually perform certain tasks and activities which harm others physically, mentally and emotionally.

The degree of selfish nature is so high among people that they only see themselves and no one appears and no one is visible to them. This obsession, passion, dedication, action and addiction for money is making people maniac.

I am very surprised because I have met many people in this course of time and I have seen so many changes that it’s hard to believe my self and it’s tough to believe my eyes that I have seen this kind of nature.

Well variety in nature is obvious but frequent shocks are hurting and annoying. I simply hate those who try to overpower others with loud voice and hurting and humiliating words with some physical handling, I guess people who have this nature are not humans; they are worse then any kind of garbage. They do not deserve anything except counseling.

But the worse part is that there cruel intentions and there cruel thought works every time and innocent people come under there spell easily because of there changing nature and there behavior like a chameleon.

Another bad luck is that these aggressive inhuman selfish backstabbing cruel people are worshipped and innocent, selfless, honest people are used and threatened. There has been many cases where innocent people are dominated by these aggressive maniacs but there is no one to help because these cruel people use there money and power to destroy others and to get there works done and innocent people only have there honesty to offer and as we all know this world exceptions are always there…..


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