Monday, June 6, 2011



I am just so ordinary and the word extra ordinary is not for me. It happens a lot. Some People always live in misconceptions. I am surrounded by a society of people .some are interested in me and some are busy in themselves and some are still uncertain about the things but one thing always works and that is our impact . I was always concerned with my first impression and I was always so serious about the presentations and the reference.

I was always curious about the thinking of people about me and it really matters when these people are friends or relatives or any known person. I don’t know what they think about me?

And what is my impact on them?

But my quest is increasing day by day. It’s just like an addiction. I want to know what they think about me. I always wanted to know my weakness and my qualities as I am running towards perfection and I want to be perfect. Many friends came in my life and they were great, in fact they were a blessing in disguise. I am thankful to god for this reward. They really changed me and the things they told me were really helpful and long lasting in my journey.

But as my quest was forcing me to become more and more expressive and over friendly to know about myself from others, it all ended up in a big fat mess. They thought I am stupid, some think that I am clever; some had this biggest misconception that I am intelligent or fast. The thing is I am ordinary and that’s a hard fact which people never believe. Some think that I pretend to be innocent but I am very dramatic and diplomatic, some say that I am optimistic and opportunistic. Well, so many remarks, so many comments but all were wrong analysis based on wrong facts and wrong theories.

I am a very simple guy and my life is complicated. I have seen the worst and the best time of my life. I still cook , I still wash clothes , I still do all the work like a house keeper , I still clean toilets , I am an average person with simple thoughts which might be boring for others .

I don’t feel shame in admitting that I am not perfect. I am tired and I have seen a lot and that’s what makes me satisfied and serious. After noticing so many things about people and about myself, I feel that I should kill my quest for knowing about myself. Let them decide whatever they want because at the end of the day I am pulkit mohan singla and no one can take my place and I am proud to be ME….

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