Tuesday, June 28, 2011

mistakes that provide satisfaction...

How often you realize your mistake? Well mistakes are committed everyday by everyone easily but there realization is rare and especially among those who have power and money. Power and money gives attitude and a kind of feeling which makes person feel that they are god. They think that whatever they say or do is right and rest of the world has to obey there rules and regulations. Not only this, they do not consider someone else thought or advice as they do not find others capable enough to make any right move.

This attitude is automatically generated among many people and it’s impossible to correct these money mannequins. Well it’s obvious that people gather like honey bees when you have money and power as you act like honey for them and that’s why they are linked with you.

Useful to useless advices and suggestions and friendship is offered to these money mannequins and they accept it without any doubt as they are praised, pampered and worshiped. This attention and recognition is very powerful to wash out the brain and mean and cruel people use these rich people to steal as much as they can by there sweet tongue.

Frankly speaking, lot of money is wasted in stupid and useless activities because of useless and wrong suggestions of greedy people. There are very less rich people who protect themselves from being exploited and used.

Others are just ready to throw money as they never use there brain. Well it’s a nature’s call. In most of the cases money is generated by wrong activities and also wasted easily because of people who are after this money but the most important point is that when these rich people realize there mistakes?

Well generally when they suffer big loss or when any big trouble is created but why they cannot be cautious?

Why they cannot choose different way so that the amount of mistakes they do will be reduced. Well when any person gets a wrong way to earn money easily, they prefer doing this mistake again and again as the satisfaction they get from doing wrong job is different and unique.

It’s a draw back that today money is the only god which encourages people to commit awful mistakes which cannot be modified later on. It’s impossible to make people realize there mistakes as today everyone is running and there is no life at all.

Money is acting like a car with maximum speed and we are acting like dogs running after the car and this procedure will continue as there is no satisfaction and no patience.

Everyone wants unlimited things without doing hard work , they say that work smart not hard and this smartness motivates crime and mistakes which are intolerable but as we all know that no one can do anything in this as this race and game of cat and dog will last forever…


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