Monday, June 20, 2011


Salary, this word looks quite appealing and attractive for everyone and it is very close to salaried people as they work whole month to get this reward. It not only fulfills the financial needs but also gives happiness and improves the standard of living and purchasing power.

Every one is working and everyone expects a reward and some kind of incentive. Well, in real and right terms people are paid for the work they do and besides there salary they get bonus and other positive motivational things which encourage them to do work effectively and efficiently but this bonus or incentive is for those who work hard and do some kind of extraordinary achievements which benefit the company and the surroundings.

Today world is smart so it’s very obvious that people who live in this world are smarter and the one who looks stupid or dumb will put us in misconception. Well, the thing I am going to mention right now will make lots of people realize there mistakes and may be some don’t feel guilty even after committing them.

There are very few who are actually satisfied from there salary and others have this same old thinking and habit of taking bribe. In fact they do not count salary as there salary, they count bribe as there salary. From manufacturers to service providers to government organizations, every where same old game of bribe works and this game is played well by government organizations staff.

Here are some consequences we face because of the infinite lust of greedy people:

People are exploited and harassed.

They wait for long hours outside the offices.

No one is there to help us.

Rich can pay bribe but it’s a severe torture for poor and middle class people.

Work remains pending and untouched if we do not offer bribe.

Sometimes work is not done even after giving bribe, as the level of lust exceeds.

This game of cruelty is played by millions of people sitting in offices and expecting bribe as they are not satisfied with there salary.

They will never stop as they say that “others are also doing, so why we should stop?”

This nation and its people are responsible for there loses and corruption. The one who stands against corruption are killed and there is no one to help.

But we people of our country are sitting quietly and we never ever try to stop it because we all are scared but scared of what?

Well fear can be of death, insult, harassment, social and physical fatigue, time wastage and many more things which stop us and we get ready and negatively motivated to promote and support this corrupt system and its people.

This will never end and we will be exploited very finely by these powerful authorities and there people because we people of our country our busy in much more important affairs like sex , money , anger , violence , vanity , ego and many more things which motivate us to sit quietly and watch and accept whatever is going on.

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