Saturday, June 25, 2011

who is unhappy?

Who is unhappy?

If I ask this question to a crowd, I guess everyone will say “ME”. It’s a basic and most common answer we can expect. Every one has a different lifestyle and everyone is handling different situations but every one has the same old answer.

We all are blessed with parents and a beautiful life. No matter what, we know that we still have something but we do not consider something, we consider nothing. Some cry for a good house, some cry for luxury, some cry for money which is the biggest reason, some cry for attention, some cry for promotion, some cry because of demotion, some cry for basic needs and some cry for unlimited wants.

But why we should not cry?

These materialistic things do not come to us easily and these things do not feel for our pain as these things are nonliving things but we crazy people cry, cry and cry. Well, some people have very realistic reasons for crying like emotions for anyone, sentiments, love, betrayal, violation of trust but these feelings which make us unhappy can be vanished with the power of time but what about those who cannot smile at all ?

I sometimes hate myself for being so stupid and immature and today I hate myself for being a jerk. I always cry because I feel sad because of many things. My some reasons for crying are realistic and some are unrealistic. But I should never cry as this emotion makes me weak and after watching this incident I have become strong to some extent. I have decided that I will try to stop myself from being sad. I will not cry and I will never allow my tears to wash my face.

I visited a friend to hospital and he was severely injured and he was admitted in general ward. It was a government hospital and as we all know the treatment they offer. I was watching other patients crying in pain and there was no one to attend them effectively. The doctors come late as their usual schedule and the patient’s visitors were helpless. Their pathetic condition was intolerable and this scene was hard to see.

our body is the main source by which we work, we feel, we do variety of task and when our body is injured or sick we cry which is a normal expected thing and this body once destroyed or injured cannot be maintained easily. So, it’s really important and desirable to feel and to protect this body which is gift to us by nature. On the other hand non living things are just objects made for our use and comfort but people have a different and opposite attitude towards this. They judge things in reverse form which is a very immature thought .

I guess the people who cry for materialistic things are immature as they are crying for non living things which can be generated again and again and these non living things are manufactured by us but still we become helpless and weak for these materialistic things. This madness for materialistic things is dangerous as people commit crimes and kill living people for nonliving things. Humans have a very deep attachment with nonliving things and very lose or no attachment with living people.

There are very less who have genuine reasons for crying. We should not cry on small needs or wants and if there are obstacles in our path then we should fight and that is the only option we have. The materialistic things will not console us or help us in anyway. Its the people who will be helpful , don't believe me? common ask your sofa to cook meal for you , you will surely get your answers.


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