Friday, June 3, 2011

humans are the worst possible creatures

The worst species

No doubt the worst species of this world is human beings. They are the worst and the most pathetic creatures of this planet. Simply disgusting, annoying, self-centered humans have some basic qualities which makes them different and unique. The most common qualities and features of the human beings are lust, pride, vanity, ego, anger, greediness, lie and the list is endless.

The most surprising thing is that we humans commit crimes and we forget easily and after that we still have guts to see our self in mirror.

The world is full of possibilities and we humans are full of expectations and hopes and when the hopes and expectations are shattered, we feel betrayed and the betrayal and the violation of trust cause social evil.

Anger and lust go together. When we are not able to satisfy our lust, we become angry and that anger motivates us in negative manner and that negative circle promotes crime.

Its all mind and its complications. We all are practical, selfish, nasty creatures and we always want this or that without offering anything in return. The crime rate is rising day by day at a very high speed. Today people feel happy in hurting others.

Hopeless and pathetic thinking is in fashion. It’s a dangerous world with no security at all. You cannot trust anyone except machines as you know what machines do but you cannot predict what a human being is thinking or what this human being can do?

I am really sad because money has forced this pleasant and loving human being to become a beast and day by day the quality of humans is decreasing. Adulterated humans are coming with mixed and dirty intentions. Cruel mentality is again quite popular among people as jealousy is there best friend.

I wish that we all may gather some strength to destroy corruption and these bad qualities which makes us worse than any nightmare but the real fact is there is no hope as this is real world where bad people enjoy and innocent people suffer.

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