Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Before writing this article I was confused. I was not getting the right heading for this article. Then I was thinking and thinking and finally I came to this word “ unfavorable” I choose this word as heading because this is the most common and usual word of my life.

For example: I am suffering from food poisoning and severe stomach ache and I am not able to study and luckily after a week I have exams. Well considering this situation I believe that my time and my luck is unfavorable. This might be an orthodox and old thinking but its really practical approach because I cannot think positive now. Things are running so against me that my ability to perform tasks effectively and efficiently is going down and I am not able to predict the things around me.

People are playing politics against me and it also includes a big list of friends and well wishers. I am afraid that jealousy is so powerful that it is dominating the mindset of people and compelling them to attack me and my weakness.

This unfavorable phase is seriously dangerous and I am so scared that I don’t know the reality. My enemies are creating hurdles in my life and they are investing there whole time on me.

I really wish that god may give peace and knowledge to me and my enemies. God please remove ego, vanity, jealousy, lust, anger from this world.

I am surprised that how much free people are that they get time to fight. I hate violence but some humans re not humans they are a black spot on humanity because they are violent and they commit violence. They are emotionless freaks who are just after lust and money.

I wish that this unfavorable phase may become favorable soon.

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