Saturday, May 14, 2011

totally into money

We are totally into money...

We never know what we will become in future. Although we decide about it in our childhood but as soon as we complete our high school, we come close to the reality about our future. There is no one in the world who wants less than anyone. This human nature is so dirty that we all look out for the best without giving the best and there are so many factors involved that sometimes we are not at fault.

The most childish thing we do is that we become jealous from the core of our heart when we see anyone in better place then us. We start our judging process in seconds and we think that we deserve that place instead of that particular person.

We humans are so mean that we want everything but we don’t want to give anything. We always criticize others and the one who are flourishing and are successful are targeted on the first step. We never waste our single time in knowing and exploring the efforts these people do but we waste out whole full life in creating problem for others and for exploring there assets.

Why we become so stupid. Actually we humans are never stupid , we are clever that’s why we have done so much development from early men stage to today’s developed cruel human being who kills everyone to feed there own stomach like as an early men we used to kill animals to feed our self.

So many values and morals and temples are there and side by side we do this so called drama of praising the lord but on the other hand we keep on hating other human beings because they are successful or because they are rich…

I know money is important but we ignore all the morals and rules of life and we just become nothing less than any parasite. But when anything bad happens to us and any human being attack us like a parasite because of money and jealousy, we cry and panic.

Why do we panic?

When we are the same human being, we are also committing those crimes because of our own personal jealousy and money lust.

There is no hope and no measure to this problem. We all are so crazy and obsessed with money that we can never become a hardworking person who praise others for there efforts and success.

People like Mahatma Gandhi, bhagat Singh, Guru Nanak are just in books today. It’s impossible to get real heroes today as whole country is full of corrupt people who are just so much into money.

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