Thursday, May 12, 2011

they are not afraid

They are not afraid

They are not afraid and they are committing violence. It’s like a regular thing for them and every time they learn new innovative ways to harm us. Money has become so important today that people are treated as non living thing or you can say materialistic thing and money is treated like god.

I don’t know what will be the end. The lust for money compels so many people to commit crime and we all are living in unsafe areas. There are no close circuit cameras on streets which can record the activities of people.

There is no strictness. People don’t care about law and order. Things are becoming so fast that violence is just like a hobby for some people. I don’t know what gives guts and courage to people to harm any other person and most of the cases are based on the reason of money. Today hard work is something that no one wants to do, they just want easy money . The beg, borrow and steal business works. No one cares about sentiments and emotions.

Well I know you all know about this. Whatever is written above looks bookish and we all are fully aware of this but still we ignore this and switch over to any other article which is juicy or related to any film star or related to sex.

Why we do this?

Just tell me any good reason for ignoring the article on awareness?

Are we that smarter?

The thing is we all are careless. We have a legal mindset that we will never be in any kind of trouble because....

We have many answer and reasons, like...

Some don’t care because they are immature.

Some have some relations with cops.

Some are rich.

Some are culprits.

Some are innocent but stupid.

And last but not the least some are little curious.

This does not mean that everyone is not interested in becoming alert. The thing is my article cannot shout loudly again and again like some news channels. I can only write but its you who have to decide weather you want to switch over to serious article like this or to any silly time wasting gossip article. It’s your entire take.

The thing is we never believe the thing until it affects us or you can say we wait for the attack and when we are attacked by someone, and then we realize that yeah its time to wake up.


We have to protect our self. The world is becoming urbanized but the people are the same. The bad ones will remain bad and the good ones will remain good. We cannot identify anyone’s character by there face so we need to be cautious and choose the right step at right time.

We all are humans and we should live happily but unfortunately some majorities of people don’t understand this fact. They enjoy the bread of violence. So protect yourself and trust yourself first then others. Take care and be safe.


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